We are currently hiring summer program staff, and kitchen staff.

Applications are always welcome in case opportunities arise.

To apply to be a part of our summer 2019 staff, click here.

To be a Volunteer (Counselor or Chaplain) this summer, contact the office at 620-872-2021

Camp Administrator: This individual assists in the day to day operations of running a church camp including billing, scheduling groups and Camp Sunday events, and overseeing the management of the office. This position also assists the director with creating fundraising and volunteer events. Other duties may be included as well, depending on the skills and abilities of the individual hired.

Camp Counselors: These individuals are responsible for caring for our campers, playing games, teaching about Christ using our curriculum, providing a safe and fun experience, and being a responsible mentor for our campers while they’re at camp.

Kitchen Staff: Our kitchen staff will be responsible for assisting the head cooks in food preparation and in the buffet line as needed, washing and putting away dishes, sweeping and mopping kitchen and dining hall floors, wiping down tables and chairs, setting up dining hall for meals and other tasks as needed.

Lifeguards: A current Lifeguard certificate is required, however we can provide training if needed. A lifeguard must be a mature person, capable of providing supervision and camper safety at the swimming pool and lakefront.  This person is responsible for maintaining a clean pool, bathhouse, and surroundings and other duties as assigned.

If you are already certified, you must be waterfront certified as well.

Program Assistant: This individual helps facilitate and organize summer program with the guidance of the Camp Director. This means leading other summer staff at times, stepping in as a counselor when needed, communicating program needs with site staff and volunteers, assisting office staff, and many other duties as needed or as fits with the gifts of the individual. A great leadership position for returning staff to apply for.

Site and Facilities Manager:

General Responsibilities:

Site and Facilities Manager is responsible for the daily care, maintenance, and improvement of the Camp Lakeside facilities.

  1. Grounds maintenance and grooming;
  2. Building maintenance, repair and cleaning;
  3. Care and feeding of all livestock owned by the camp when needed.
  4. Supervision of such persons as the camp may hire for the purpose of supplementing support staff in the care, maintenance, and operation of the camp, and as may be assigned by the Camp Director;
  5. Recommending to the Camp Director and Camp Lakeside Site Council the planning and purchase of required materials and equipment necessary for the operation and care of the camp.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Buildings, Grounds and Equipment

The Site and Facilities Manager will implement or supervise staff to:

  • Maintain all roads within the camp in a condition suitable for use.
  • Maintain all camp signs in and leading to the camp;
  • Develop and implement plans for adequate snow removal during winter months when the camp is forecast to be in operation;
  • Maintain ground cover in the camp including grass cutting in common areas and weed and tree control throughout the camp;
  • Coordinate with appropriate authorities and take necessary action to control the insect population on camp grounds;
  • Maintain all camp buildings in good repair and cleanliness;
  • Maintain all camp fences;
  • Maintain pool, including daily chemical checks and logs and treatments if needed
  • Conduct check-ins of all groups using the camp when on duty and check-out inspections that ensure accountability for the condition of the facilities used by each group;
  • Service and maintain all camp equipment;
  • Serve as Certified water operator;
  • If Living On-Site: Be on-call for any emergencies that happen while groups are on site until the Site Director and/or emergency personnel arrive.
    1. Have first aid/CPR/AED or higher training in case this would occur


The Site and Facilities Director will/has:

  • Develop and submit an annual maintenance support operation budget in

consultation with the Site Director;

  • Maintain records necessary for the continued accreditation of the camp by

the American Camping Association;

  • Submit credit card receipts for site and facilities purchases


The Site and Facilities Manager will:

  • Tractor rides –
    1. Train staff on use of tractor and trailer to give rides;
    2. Schedule staff to do rides or do rides them self

Volunteer Counselors: Volunteer counselor positions are available for each camp. Please contact Meg for information about counselor positions.

Volunteer Deans: Lakeside would not exist without the multitudes of people who have helped build and run our various summer camp programs. If you are interested in helping coordinate a camp, contact our office.

Chaplains: Some other GPC camps call these people Deans, however, with our history, it makes it easier to refer to them as Chaplains. Chaplains are clergy, youth pastors, deacons, lay speakers, and other strong leaders in the church that are at camp to help lead worship and to be available as a spiritual resource for our campers and staff. If this is a position that interests you, please contact our office.

Clergy, we’ve heard that coming to Chaplain a camp does NOT count as vacation time. Please don’t be afraid to reach out to volunteer or ask for more information.

 All Lakeside Employees and Volunteers must complete the Safe Gatherings certification of the Great Plains UMC, which includes a full background check, and attended either Staff Training or Volunteer Training.  Minimum age to work at Lakeside is 16 years for kitchen, 18 years for everything else.  Positions listed are the primary job assignments.  Employees may be assigned other duties and responsibilities.