Working at camp is far more than just a job. It’s living and working within a community of believers who are committed to serving God, our guests, and each other as we fulfill our mission to provide hospitality and programming that promote God-inspired life-changing experiences through retreat ministry, outdoor programs and summer camp. 

The summer ministry at Camp Lakeside is looking for individuals to join together in a ministry team. Opportunities include working with a variety of children, youth and adults through outdoor ministries and the ministry of hospitality. 

Click here to apply for summer staff: https://gp-reg.brtapp.com/CampsSummerApp2019 

Applications received on or before January 31 will be given first consideration. Interviews will be conducted onsite or through video chat every couple weeks after that until all positions are filled. 

 We are looking to fill 2-3 Male and 2-3 Female Staff positions (1 of which will be Lead Program Staff) for a total of 6 staff members. 

2020 Summer Staff Job Description 

For more information please contact: Ross Janovec, Site Director @ 620-872-2021

Staff Handbook

Maintenance Director

Applicant Requirements 


  • Age 23+ (Prefer 25 or older) 
  • High School Diploma or GED 
  • Previous camp experience 
  • A passion for children and Christ 
  • Mature in behavior and Christian commitment 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

  • This position requires working knowledge in areas of engineering, painting, carpentry, electrical wiring and controls, plumbing, water and sewage treatment, vehicle and machinery operation, including maintenance. 
  •  Proficiency in the safe and proper use of power equipment and tools, heavy and light machinery, and building materials. 
  •  Must have knowledge of proper techniques in the following areas: construction, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and grounds keeping. 
  • Certified pool manager or willing to obtain certification.  
  • Certified water manager or willing to obtain certification. 
  •  clean motor vehicle record 
  • obtain Safe Gatherings certification 

Physical Aspects of the Position: 

  • Ability to understand and implement safety regulations and procedures. 
  • Ability to communicate procedures and regulations to staff and guests. 
  •  Ability, both visual and auditory, to identify and respond to safety and environmental hazards and inform campers, staff, and guests. 
  •  Physical strength to lift equipment and supplies (up to 50 pounds). 
  •  Physical mobility and endurance to perform tasks while standing/walking for long periods of time (60 minutes or more). 
  • Ability to safely and properly use power tools and equipment. 
  • Ability to safely drive cars, light trucks, tractors, and other motorized vehicles. 
  • Ability to observe campers, staff, and guest behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures and apply appropriate management techniques. 
  • Physical ability to respond appropriately to situations requiring first aid. Must be able to assist campers in an emergency (fire, evacuation, illness, or injury). 
  •  Ability to Operate with daily exposure to the sun and heat and other environmental conditions 


  •  To provide servant leadership for the user groups, campers, summer staff, volunteer adults and deans that come to Camp Lakeside by humbly facilitating the highest quality Christian camping experience possible. 
  • To evaluate the needs of campers, user groups, and staff to provide spiritual support and enhance the quality of the year-round camping experience. 
  • To actively share and promote the ministry of Intentional Christian Community at Camp Lakeside. 


All staff work under the direction of the site director. The following is a description of the position responsibilities. These may include but are not limited to what is described below. 


  • Good communication, hospitality, and teamwork skills. 
  • Smile be enthusiastic and have fun while being safe. 
  • Act selflessly to help complete tasks as needed by considering the needs of others a priority. 
  • Other responsibilities as needed 


  • Oversee the purchase, use, and care of all maintenance equipment and supplies. 
  • Implement system for regular maintenance and upkeep of camp buildings and grounds, including routine duties such as mowing, painting, etc. 
  • Schedule for routine maintenance and vendor contracts on equipment and services including trash removal, recycling, sewer, water, etc. 
  •  Manage natural resources of the camp including forest and water quality management to ensure protection and proper utilization occurs. 
  • Respond to emergencies on physical Camp and site. 
  • Responsible for obtaining appropriate licenses, permits, approvals from local and state regulatory agencies. 
  • Conduct initial and end-of-season inventory. 
  •  Store equipment for safety. 
  • Develop a schedule for checking the physical Camp and equipment for safety, cleanliness, and good repair. 

Evaluation Process: 

One annual evaluation by the Site Director and/or Site Council. Other evaluations may be conducted if the need arises. 


 $13 per hour provided by Camp Lakeside. Position to begin as soon as possible. No benefits are provided with this position. 


This position is a part-time variable hour position with an estimated 16-20 hours per week in the off season and 40 hours per week May 15th-August 15th. 

 All Lakeside Employees and Volunteers must complete the Safe Gatherings certification of the Great Plains UMC, which includes a full background check, and attended either Staff Training or Volunteer Training.  Minimum age to work at Lakeside is 16 years for kitchen, 18 years for everything else.  Positions listed are the primary job assignments.  Employees may be assigned other duties and responsibilities.