Registration Forms

Please call the office for manual registration forms. Please do not mail us old forms.


Before you rule out online registration, check this out:

We’ve had several questions recently about how online registration works this year- especially concerning how to handle churches that pay for campers. Well, good news, folks! There are so many different options at check out now! We tried our best to make registration as painless as possible this year for both our churches and our families. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make the process even smoother!

Below is a sample of what our various payment options are at the end of online registration. The options that indicate that your church will be paying for part or all of your registration allow us to run reports by church to see who and how many campers from that church register. We hope this smooths things out on the church side of things. We would be more than happy to run these church reports as often as church staff would like.

Check out Online Registration at or get the same $20 online discount by registering over the phone at 620-872-2021.