Policies Regarding Site Use

General Rental Information

Please call for an updated Reservation Packet.

  • Total available beds: 67 Sept-April, 120 May-August
  • Dining Hall Capacity: 100 comfortably, 120 Maximum
  • Chapel Capacity: 100 comfortably, 120 Maximum
  • Lodge Meeting Room Capacity: 50 comfortably, 70 maximum


Camp Lakeside is a Christian Camp where all people may come to recognize God’s presence, to enter into and to grow in their relationship with God.

We are delighted that you have chosen to stay with us.

This agreement is contingent upon a willingness of the group to comply with Lakeside’s rules and policies & procedures, as detailed in the following policies & procedures guideline.


  • We pray that you will fulfill your purpose for being here and that in the process you will encounter the living God among the hills, trees and waters of this special place.
  • Lakeside is an American Camping Association accredited site. This means that Lakeside has met the camping industry’s recognized standards for quality and safety of its facilities and program services.
  • The Lakeside staff wants to serve you during your stay so that you will be as comfortable as possible. If you have needs or encounter problems along the way, let one of our staff know so we can serve you better.
  • It is our desire that you be safe during your stay, mentally, physically, and spiritually. To this end, Lakeside has prepared a series of guidelines, procedures and regulations. These policies should be read thoroughly by user groups and if there are questions, the Lakeside staff stands ready to interpret or assist in any reasonable way.


  • User groups shall provide on the Reservation Form the name of the person responsible for orienting the group to the camp’s procedures and regulations.
  • Lakeside’s boundaries are identified by the fence on the west and south and the path on the ridge on the north and east.
  • The Camp Office, Nurse’s Station and Storm Shelter are on the ground level of the Kanza Building (Staff House).
  • When opening windows in older summer cabins, use two people: one inside and one outside. When heat or air conditioning is on, keep doors and windows closed.
  • The Camp Store items are located in the Dining Hall.  Please see a Lakeside staff member for assistance.
  • Recreation equipment is located in Flowers Building; please return equipment after each use.
  • Phone messages will be delivered. Cell reception is very good for Verizon customers and decent for other carriers.
  • Mail can be brought to the Camp Office and will post the same day.
  • Settler’s Cabin is available as a Nature/History area or small group meeting room.
  • Before you leave, please sweep floors, pick up trash in and around buildings, and close windows and doors. Place trash sacks near an exit door, but not outside, for pick up. Thank you!



  • It is Lakeside’s policy that we not share personal information about our guests or campers (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) and we recommend that guests not do so either.
  • Lakeside reserves the right to provide only those services that have been specified on the Reservation Form.
  • Lakeside reserves the right to terminate use of the site for inappropriate behavior.
  • Buildings not assigned to your group are off limits to your group.
  • Smoking is not permitted in buildings at Lakeside. Smokers are responsible to completely extinguish and dispose of cigarette butts in proper receptacles.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the site.
  • Pets are not permitted on the site.
  • Hiking will be done in groups of at least three. In case of injury, one stays with the injured party while one goes for help.
  • Stay on hiking trails, where available, to limit erosion and avoid poison ivy.
  • Rock throwing is not allowed.
  • Place all litter in trash containers and recyclable items in appropriate containers.
  • Incident/Accident report forms are to be filled out by involved persons and/or witnesses and turned in to the camp office in the event of an incident or accident. Blank forms are available in the office
  • Camp fires should be thoroughly extinguished before leaving the area using the hose that is provided.


Lakeside is blessed to be located in an area that is rich in natural and historical points of interest. Our nearness to Lake Scott State Park, Battle Canyon, Little Jerusalem, the Monument Rocks, and other interesting locations make off-site trips an attractive option for user groups at Lakeside.

  • Please notify Lakeside staff of off-site trips.
  • State park permits, museum fees, and other off-site fees are the responsibility of the user group.
  • User groups must provide bus drivers holding a valid Commercial Drivers’ License with bus endorsements if the group plans to use Lakeside bus(es).


All activities must be requested on the Reservation Form. Further arrangements as to times, etc., for selected activities must be made with the Program Director or Site Director when you arrive at camp. Persons unwilling to conform to the posted rules and/or verbal instructions will be denied access to activity areas.


  • One lifeguard for each 25 swimmers must be present and the user group is responsible for providing one adult at the pool for every ten swimmers.       Non-Lakeside lifeguards must review the “Lakeside Lifeguard Handbook” and provide proof of certification. Pool rules are posted on the pool deck.
  • Maximum numbers of swimmers in the pool at any one time is 75.


  • It is recommended that all aquatic activities off-site have supervision by persons who hold a lifeguard certificate from a nationally recognized certifying body and the equivalent of current Red-Cross first aid and CPR certifications.
  • Canoes will be checked out by Lakeside staff to user group leaders. User group leaders are responsible for overseeing proper use of canoes and that they are returned at designated times.
  • Use of a personal flotation device (pfd/lifejacket) when in a canoe is a State Park rule.
  • The maximum capacity of canoes is three persons.
  • Lakeside recommends that if a storm or wind arises while canoes are on the lake, canoers should go to the nearest place of exit, pull canoes to high ground, turn them over, and seek shelter. If canoers are stranded on the west side of the lake and it is reasonable, call the camp office. Phones are located at the Park office and at the Beach House. Lakeside recommends at least one adult carry a cell phone to all aquatic activities.


Fishing equipment is not provided by Lakeside. Participants are subject to applicable laws. A license may be purchased at the State Park Office, Park Beach House or in Scott City but prices may vary. Park permits are also required.


Biking equipment is not provided. Participants are subject to applicable laws.


The Big Swing, located below the Dining Hall, is an important and unique gathering place. Please do not swing so hard as to hit the support beams and do not swing so hard that it hits the support beams. This puts considerable strain on both the supports and the moving mechanisms and can cause sections of the swing to unhinge. Do not climb on supports or seats. Please do not place any objects under the swing. The swing should be completely stopped before anyone enters or exits the swing. Please stay in your seats while the swing is in motion. Do not stand directly behind the swing or attempt to push it from behind. Do not run on the swing. The Director or Program Director may restrict usage of the swing if abuse is observed or reported.


Lakeside serves meals buffet style. Breakfast is served at 8:00 a.m., lunch at 12:00 noon and dinner at 5:30 p.m. Slight adjustments may be made in meal times if arrangements are negotiated when reservations are made.


  • Guests are not permitted in the kitchen.
  • Food fights and water fights are strictly prohibited.
  • Guests must be fully clothed including shoes.
  • Take what you want, eat what you take. Adults are expected to monitor children in the dining hall.
  • After meals:
  • ? Plates, silverware and glasses are to be taken to the clean-up table; silverware should be placed in correct containers.
  • ? Uneaten food and paper items should be scraped into the trash can and liquids poured into the container marked “liquids”.


When a group does their own cooking, please:

  • Scrape uneaten food scraps and paper items into the trash can provided.
  • Wash put away dishes and flatware. Tea towels, dish cloths, detergent and other supplies are available in the kitchens. If you do not find sufficient supplies, please notify staff.
  • Wipe off tables and chairs.
  • Sweep floor in the main room, including under the tables.
  • Before you leave, be sure all trash is placed in proper containers. Please do not place trash outside.
  • Any food items brought into the kitchens by your group must be removed when you leave.

For our guests’ protection and safety, Lakeside recommends that you:

  • Use only clean and sanitized dishes, utensils and equipment during food preparation. To sanitize, wash dishes, utensils and equipment in warm water and dish washing detergent, rinse with warm water and rinse again using a solution of ½ teaspoon of Clorox to one gallon of warm water and allow to air dry.
  • Clean and sanitize food contact surfaces including counters, cutting boards and knives after each use, using the same solution mentioned above, and
  • Minimize the time that potentially hazardous foods remain in the temperature danger zone of 40 degrees F. to 140 degrees F.
  • Please inform the staff if the temperatures in the refrigerators rise above 40 degrees F.



DIRECTIONS FOR THE HOSPITAL AND CLINIC: The medical campus is located at 201 Albert Ave, Scott City, KS. Drive south on Hwy 83 to the south end of Scott City. Turn left onto Albert Ave between El Quartelejo Inn and Shopko.

    • For your safety and welfare, first aid supplies and an AED are located in the Nurse’s Station. A person currently certified in Standard First Aid and CPR will be on site when participants are present and may treat injuries as their training allows. However, user groups are encouraged to provide an adult with First Aid and CPR certifications, as well as first aid supplies for their own members.
    • Emergency numbers are posted in various places on site and land-line phones are located in: the Office, Kitchen, and Staff house.
    • Scott County EMT Service (ambulance) is available by calling 9-1-1.
    • Lakeside does not provide primary accident insurance to campers, but does provide secondary insurance effective after personal insurance has been filed.
    • Regarding Health information: Camp Lakeside recommends that the Group Leader gather; names and address of all participants, emergency contact names and numbers, a listing of any person (s) with known allergies or health conditions requiring treatment, restrictions, or other known accommodations while on site, and for minors without a parent on site, signed permission to seek emergency treatment or a signed religious waiver.
    • The aforementioned list is provided to assist user groups, but ultimate responsibility for emergency care and transportation is the with the user group.



  • Lakeside Staff monitors weather conditions and will attempt to inform user groups of dangerous weather conditions.However, group leaders are responsible for monitoring weather conditions and responding to weather threats appropriately.
  • In case of a tornado warning, guests will be directed by site staff to the office area, which is a reinforced storm shelter designed for this purpose, if time allows.
  • The climate in western Kansas in summer lends itself to sudden, severe storms. It is recommended that user group leaders exercise good judgment leaning toward safety.


Camp Lakeside recommends all group leaders utilize an appropriate method to screen user group staff with responsibility for or access to campers. Ratios of staff that are on duty with campers in units or living groups and in general camp activities should be 1:5 for campers under the age of 5 and 1:6 for campers between the ages of 6-18. Lakeside recommends at least 80% of the staff are 18 years of age or older (100% for camps primarily serving persons with special needs), and all staff is at least 16 years of age and at least 2 years older than the minors with whom they are working.


  • In case of a disaster, user group leaders should first see to the safety of their campers. Gather the campers and do a roll call.
  • Report any disaster situation as quickly as possible to a camp staff person.
  • Site staff personnel will direct user group leaders to a designated location for the duration of the disaster/emergency.
  • Camp evacuations will be directed by site personnel in charge.
  • All media interaction (phone calls, texting, posting, photos) should cease until the situation is assessed by the Executive Director or emergency workers. Members of the reporting media should be directed to the Executive Director for information.


  • User group leaders should locate fire extinguishers in their lodging facilities as soon as is possible after arrival at camp.
  • In case of fire, move campers to a safe area and take roll. Camper safety is the primary responsibility of user group leadership in case of a fire.
  • Report the fire as quickly as possible by notifying Lakeside Staff or calling 9-1-1.
  • User group leaders should attempt to extinguish fires only if it is possible without endangering themselves or others.


When a person is thought to be lost or missing, inform site staff that a search for a missing camper has begun. Site staff will assist in the search.


When the presence of unauthorized persons is noted or suspected, on-site user group leaders will remove campers from the immediate locale and report to site staff personnel.


Firearms are not permitted on Lakeside property.


  • Personal property is the responsibility of the user groups, including cameras, sports equipment and other valuables.
  • With the exception of the “Camp Dogs” which have been fully vetted, Pets are not permitted at Lakeside.
  • Lakeside reserves the right to search and/or seize personal property when there is reasonable cause to suspect possession of drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or other unauthorized items.


Land-line phones are located in the Camp Office, Staff House and Kitchen.

Poison Control     1-800-332-6633

Fire                         9-1-1

Ambulance           9-1-1

County Sheriff     9-1-1

NOTE: If you are using a cell phone to call in an emergency situation or for an ambulance, call the local sheriff’s office at 872-2133 or 872-5805 rather than 9-1-1.


Director: Meg Anderson   217-737-9796


State Park Office 872-2061

Beach House 872-3959

County Sheriff  872-5805

Area Mental Health 872-5338



STAFF GUIDED ACTIVITIES; Participating in the following activities are expected to comply with verbal instruction.  Participating in or questions about shall be arranged with the Director.

Outdoor Education Program

Outdoor Ed at Lakeside is provided by Lakeside’s Site Director Meg Anderson. These educators are skilled at bringing history and nature to life for your students, and will accompany geological points of interest and various nature studies.

Why Outdoor Education?

  • Links classroom study to real world experiences       • Builds self confidence
  • Instills a sense of responsibility                                  • Reinforces teacher/student relationships

Initiative Center

Our Initiative Center is a series of mental and physical challenges that are designed to pull a group closer together. Each element is facilitated by our trained staff and is designed to develop certain characteristics of the community. These characteristics include communication, problem solving, and trust.

You’ll Develop

  • Leadership                  • Problem Solving
  • Trust                            •  Communication
  • Listening Skills

On Site Opportunities which require Lakeside staff supervision includes:

  • Trailer Rides around the Lake
  • Historical, Geological, Fossil and Nature Tours
  • Swimming Pool
  • Canoes
  • Camp Store

 Ask our staff to help you arrange any of the following activities:

  • Bull Canyon Hiking Trails      • Camp Chapel
  • Wilderness Camping                       • Archery
  • Water Games/Water Slides           • Arts and Crafts Cabin


Please enjoy the rest of the Camp Lakeside at your leisure:

  • On site Hiking Trails             • Reflection Pond
  • Frisbee Golf                             • The Bridge
  • Nature Cabin                           • Cross of Nails
  • Sports Equipment                  • The Big Swing
  • Horseshoe pit                          • Outdoor Chapel
  • Fishing                                      • Various Outdoor Meditation Grottos