Price List

Camp Lakeside Price List

Lodge (20 minimum/40 maximum capacity) Per Person

  • $45/night

Baker Cabin (11 maximum capacity) – Overflow from Lodge

  • $45/night

Kanza (Old Staff House) (16 maximum capacity) Per Person

  • $45/night

2 Handicapped Accessible Cabins–Tabor & Zion (24 maximum capacity) each

  • $300.00 (June – Aug 15)
  • $250.00 (Aug. 16 through May)

Summer Cabins East Canyon (12 maximum capacity) each

  • 2 Cabins available $175.00 (June – Aug 15)
  • 4 Cabins available $150.00 (Aug. 16 through May)

2 West Canyon Rustic Cabins (maximum 12 capacity) each

  • $45.00

DAY USE OF SITE including Flowers Building or a Pagoda:

  • $75.00 (June – Aug 15)
  • $50.00 (Aug. 16 through May)


SWIMMING POOL: $5 per person per hour

ARCHERY: $5 per person per hour

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: $15 flat rate per hour

TEAMBUILDING: $7 per person per hour

CANOES: $5 per person per hour




  • $300.00 (June – Aug 15)
  • $250.00 (Aug. 16 through May)


  • $300.00 (June – Aug 15)
  • $250.00 (Aug. 16 through May)

Dining Hall (Does NOT include use of the kitchen)

  • $200.00 (June – Aug 15)
  • $150.00 (Aug. 16 through May)

Cleaning Deposit (refundable-required for wedding rentals): $500.00

THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITIES ARE INCLUDED IN THE LODGING OR BUILDING RENTAL FEES DEPENDING UPON THE SEASON: Hiking, fire ring, horse shoes, Frisbee golf, softball, basketball, volleyball.


  • Linens (bed and bath)
  • Use of Camp Vehicle/per mile (plus driver): $2.00
  • Hay rides/per trailer/per hour/20 maximum: $20.00


  • Winter: 67
  • Spring-Fall: 120

MEAL PRICES (Minimum number to be served is 10 Maximum 120)

  • Breakfast (Served at 8:00 a.m.) $7.00
  • Lunch (Served at 12:00 noon) 8.00
  • Dinner (Served at 5:30 p.m.) 10.00

Meals are figured per person and based on the number given us before the event; if there are fewer than expected, the group will be charged for the original number given. If the number turns out to be significantly more than expected, the food supplies may not be adequate for the increased number.


UNITED METHODIST CHURCHES: Free use of site for one day, by prearrangement up to 90 days in advance, subject to availability. Seasonal restrictions will apply to activities. Optional services (including meals and certain activities) may be available with appropriate fees applicable if prior arrangements are made.
CLERGY: Free lodging by pre-arrangement, subject to availability, in Ararat Cabin. Ararat Cabin is a self-contained cabin designed for clergy and camp leaders and includes bathroom facilities, heat and A/C, a queen-sized bed, and small refrigerator and microwave.
FAMILY GROUPS: children under 5 are free; fees are half price for 5-10 year-olds.

DEPOSITS: 20% of the total lodging or building use fee. Cancellations within 180 days will result in loss of deposit, but it may be applied to next year’s event (one time). If day groups cancel at any time, the deposit is forfeited.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ON SITE AND SMOKING INSIDE BUILDINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT LAKESIDE. We have a no pet policy, however we respect service, therapy, and emotional support animals. Please contact us for more information.


SCHUTTE LODGE has heat or A/C, an equipped kitchen, large meeting room with fireplace and piano, two dorm areas on either side which will house 20 guests each in newer single beds, six bathrooms (including six showers) and is wheelchair accessible.

BAKER CABIN houses 11 individuals in newer beds. The cabin has heat and air-conditioning, and has two showers, two lavatories and two stools included in its bathroom facilities.

KANZA BUILDING (OLD STAFF HOUSE – UPPER LEVEL) is available for fall, winter or spring gatherings. It will house 16 guests in four bedrooms with two bunk beds in each, and has its own bathrooms, equipped kitchen and meeting room. It has heat and air conditioning.

EAST CANYON SUMMER CABINS: four older, rustic, pine-paneled summer cabins will house 12 guests each. The two newer summer cabins (housing 24 each) and adjacent bathhouse are wheelchair accessible. All cabins have air conditioning and newer beds. Restroom facilities are in the east canyon bathhouse.

WEST CANYON RUSTIC SUMMER CABINS: two older, rustic, pine-paneled summer cabins will house 12 guests each. These cabins have older cot-type beds with no heat or air conditioning. Restroom facilities are available in the swimming pool bathhouse or east canyon bathhouse.

DINING HALL which was completely remodeled in 2008, accommodates 120 in the main dining room for meals. Excellent meals will be provided by Lakeside’s food service personnel and are served buffet style.

CARPENTER CHAPEL is a beautiful, native stone building with pews seating about 120 people. A large picture window looks out over the hill with a cross. It has heat and A/C.

FLOWERS BUILDING is shelter-house type of building constructed from native stone. It has a fireplace at one end and wooden shutters that can be closed in inclement weather. A ping pong table is located here and

MOAB (Trading Post Building) is the location for the Camp Store. It includes a snack and gift shop, and may be used for crafts and as a meeting room.

PAGODAS: There are three open-air buildings called pagodas located around the camp site. They have concrete floors and a roof but are not suitable for shelter during very inclement weather.